Monday, May 31, 2004

Random thoughts

ok, enuff of the proper grammar crap. i hate having to stop and hit the damn shift key for caps so deal with it!

spent a good while reading quite a few more blogs and all i can say is for the most part: how fking depressing! a good 70% of the blogs i came across was from a bunch of whiners talking about wanting to kill themselves and how the world is against them. get a grip people! but, i love to laff and see people who see things from "our" view. so a quick plug for a couple of well written blogs and both offer great outlooks on life and are especially funny.

i understand that everyone's blog is what they want it to be and if it helps with the therapy, so be it.

anyhow, that's my thoughts on blogging so far.

came home to my own two offspring fighting, like that is any different than any other day. a little background on these two wonderful gifts from god. our oldest just made 20. she was born 9 months and one day after my wife and i were married. yes, there was a lot of learning going on during the first year of our marriage! she's a 5' 2" fire ball with her father's resolve and her mother's personality, which makes for a dangerous combination. she never knows how to back down from a fight no matter what the consequences. our other cherub just made 16. their birthdays are 4 yrs and 12 days apart. this beaming slice of heaven has been over 6 ft tall since he was 14. i believe he hit the magical 300 lb. mark at 15. this is no small human being. i call him "sir". i am just slightly taller than my daughter. not really, but you get the picture. the chihuaha (her) thinks nothing of getting in this man-mountain's face at any time. (the wife is slowly but surely figuring out why i spend so much time working on my boat with power tools running almost constantly. (again, another story)). when the queen realizes she has pushed all the right buttons, she employs that age old french defensive tactic: she runs. spry little shit she is knows that the hulk has absolutely no chance in hell of catching her. so now the picture is her screaming and running from him, him yelling trying to catch her and the wife trying to get both of them to stop. all the mean while our oldest grandchild, a 2 1/2 yr old boy thinks it's fun to help his uncle catch his mommy and our youngest grandchild, a 1 1/2 yr old little girl is sitting in her high chair with grits in her hair reiterating her grandmother's instructions while putting her two cents in. i head straight for the sofa to see how the dog's day has been. we enjoy a pleasant conversation for a few minutes as my wife settles things down long enough to inform me that dinner will be ready shortly. more good news, the hulk is spending the nite at my brother's house, so he, the queen and my little man will all be gone for a bit. a little piece and quiet however short it will be.

passed the time waiting for dinner by chatting with my granddaughter in between her jaunts to empty out the cabinet where we keep their dinner ware. i gathered from the fact that she didn't return for 10 minutes or so that the conversation was over. i heard the wife scream something about her crawling in and closing the door. she was quiet so i figured best to let sleeping dogs lie. the cracks around the door would let in enough oxygen that she wouldn't suffocate and the door opened easy enough that she would come out when ready.

the dog finally came out of hiding when he heard the ruckus die down and was curious to know if i had planned on getting any work done on the boat tonite. i'm thinking right about now he was hoping for the sound of power tools to drown out the noise, but after 2 straight days of back breaking work on the damn thing, tonite was gonna be break nite. think i'll just check out the news on the internet for a while, i need a little entertainment.


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