Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Insert your own witty title here!

well it's day two of my official foray into blogging (or should that be flogging?)hmmmmm. *note to self - research flogging, sure to be some material there. caught a neat blog last nite before i went to bed. some 20something just out of college relating her attempted induction into the amway clone, equinox something. very funny. can't recall the name right off, but will do a little research and post it later.

couldn't think of anything witty to name this one so i'll leave it open to others. like there are others that read this other than my wife. maybe things will heat up if i start talking about our sex life. hmmmmmmm, ok here goes:


ok, now that that's done, guess i'll run down what i've been thru this morning. by the way the previous paragraph was a joke hunny. had a few non-descript hours at work this morning. typical b.s. type stuff. been gearing up to head to the airport to pick up my two teenage half sisters, which i have just become legal guardian of. met them two summers ago for the first time. yep, they're definitely part of this family. tho being raised in the u.k. (scotland to be exact) they have a tendency to be just a little crass at times for teenage girls in my opionion. they're mother is deceased and our father is working in the middle east. being i am the sanest of my full blooded siblings (and the oldest) i got picked. woooooobooooooooooooy. WHAT WAS I THINKING? there i finally worked it in. honestly, i don't mind. i love kids and having kids around us is what has kept us young. it also kept me crampy, gave me an ulcer, caused my hair to fall out and what didn't fall out turn gray, but it keeps me young in my mind. will explain their being a little more in depth as time goes on.

must run now, have to act like i'm working for a bit. (they act like they pay me big money, i act like i work. fair trade)


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