Tuesday, June 01, 2004

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

i by nature am basically a people watcher. life just entertains me to no end. i live by my mother's credo "i don't need drugs, reality entertains me enough". i will probably be inserting quite a few of her pearls of wisdom from time to time. but i digress, back to the airport discussion. did i mention i love airports? human nature just fascinates me. as mentioned in my earlier blog, i had to pick up my sisters at the airport tonite. since they were arriving after 8 i figured i had a couple hours to kill before heading to the airport. since i work just 5 minutes from the airport, it left a bit of time. i sat at work and tried to think of something i could do that would not get me in too much trouble. the wife was cooking leftovers, which for once in a great while i was looking forward to so dinner was out of the question. debated having a couple beers at a strip bar not far from work, but didn't think showing up to get them with beer on my breath would go over too well with the airline people. my father had the foresight to "ship" them as "children traveling alone" hence the airline knowing who was picking them up. still wracked my brain trying desparately to kill time, when i debated heading across the street to the home depot or down the block to the adult book store to watch the perverts and see if they got that new 23 speed vibrator the wife wanted yet. settled on home depot figuring i would spend less money. ended up buying a new sander (kept with the vibrating theme) because, ready for this? because i was tired of paying $5 for 5 sheets of paper for the one i had, when i could "make" 100 sheets for $8 for the new one! made sense to me.

got to the airport right about 8 so i had a little time for people watching. yeah! i grabbed a seat near the exit of the concourse they were arriving at and got comfortable. i like to sit and imagine what the person or persons look like that people are waiting for or what type of person would actually claim the person making such a moron of themself while waiting. saw quite a few attractive women. the usual anal-retentive idiots that had to be right at the exit door craning their necks to see their party, even though the plane was still 10 minutes from arriving. i love those people, they're also the ones who stand by the boarding stand when they call for rows 1-10 and they're in row 83. the plane may just leave without them, so let's just block the boarding gate so it takes an hour longer to load the plane. WHAT WAS I THINKING?????????

well i figured they would be the last ones off the plane, which they were. but i did not think it would take them 20 minutes to let them go! i could see them with the airline agent looking dead at me! they were at gate A1 so they weren't far from the exit. still they stood there with the agent looking at their papers looking at me and walking away! c'mon people i'm hungry. 15 minutes had passed by the time i was really getting antsy. what was the problem? i know they had their passports. they're dual citizens. what's the problem? how threatening can a 13 and 14 year old girl be? i got it! they're terrorists! they've come to die all the other teenage girls heads pink and pierce their noses! arrest them! i don't know em, never seen em, i'm outta here. well when they did finally hit the exit, the agent walked up to me with their papers and began to speak. found out why they took so long. i believe this gentleman was a law school drop out. never outside to the courtroom or a senate meeting have i heard so many words used to say so little. after i signed for my "packages" i was then informed by the oldest one the they were told their luggage did not leave amsterdam. great! now we have another marathon waiting to see the lost luggage agent. well guess who showed up? you got it. that same friendly gentleman from the gate. (louis armstrong/new orleans internation airport is not that big obviously). he was helpful and polite but had absolutely no consideration for my stomach.

we managed to make it home in one piece and my sanity intact. well what little is left of it. i had my dinner, checked my email and here i sit. it's been a long day so i think i'll turn in. as i do i'll leave you with another of my mother's great pearls:

"no good deed goes unpunished!"


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